About HotelBids hospitality Pvt Ltd

HotelBids hospitality Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary unit of HotelBids Inc, USA. An e-commerce start-up based in Gurugram with its Headquarters in Anaheim, CA USA. Mr. Inder Sharma is the founder of this company.

HotelBids is a hotel aggregation platform which is emerging as a pioneer in the hotel industry and has a unique concept for booking hotels at customer’s own bidden prices. We focus on offering customized solutions to all our customers which include FIT’s, Corporate clients, Travel agents for all their travel needs as a specialized platform to provide best hotel properties at the best possible prices available in the market. Our endeavor is to build long-term relationships through our offerings and satisfactory level of services.
HotelBids has successfully launched its Ios/ android/ web version for convenient access to our clients. HotelBids is also a founding member of AAHOA-Asian American Hotel Association in the USA, which is the largest hotel owners association in the hospitality Industry , as well as in the world.

HotelBids focuses on offering customized solutions to CORPORATES by serving their bulk booking requirements and also offering them services of being their Travel Desks. TRAVEL AGENTS are benefited from us by getting a huge network of 3500+ hotel properties in 100+ cities pan India. They also get a team of members who act as a travel desk for their travel agencies. CUSTOMERS obviously get the most benefited as they save a lot on hotel bookings, as they bid the price according to their budget and they also get saved from the tedious hotel searches and booking procedures. Lastly, HOTELIERS are benefited from us as we help to fill in their unsold inventory by giving them last minute bookings for rooms, which otherwise goes wasted. WE also assure to the hoteliers that rates they provide to customers through HotelBids stay discreet, so they don’t need to be worried about the parity issues.
We are here to provide all our customers with the best of services as their happiness and satisfaction is what matters the most to us. 

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